Christopher-James presents a second video clip entitled "Lost Child"

After the release of a first single “Confession”, Christopher James continues on its momentum and presents a second clip entitled "Lost Child". Composed by the artist himself, the melody is very ambient, the guitar used sets the atmosphere rather melancholic from the beginning of the song.


The song "Lost Child" is a thoughtful reflection on Christopher-James' past. The chorus of the song refers to his deepest values, which are family and loyalty. CJpresents the description of his past in the third person during the first verse. This narration is executed in order to create a certain separation between the singer and his experience. This allows him to evaluate his journey from an outside point of view and to tell it with a certain distance while leaving aside the passion and feelings that could be linked to this awareness.

Moreover, this separation allowed the artist to express himself honestly without censorship. Following this opening on himself, Christopher-James tries to create a certain suspense by emphasizing, in the last sentence of the verse, that there are certain reasons which pushed him to remain alone on his side without external support: "I used to sit alone in that crib for reasons I can't reveal”. 

Subsequently, in the second verse, the young singer brings forward his grandiose vision and his resilience. Indeed, instead of collapsing in difficult times, he picked himself up to achieve his goals. For that matter, he also expresses being aware that he will have to work hard to be successful since he does not believe in miracles. Admitting that his behavior towards others is constantly deteriorating, Christopher-James explains that his desire for success affects him on a daily basis.

Mixed by Christopher-James, mastered by Switching Knobs Studios, "Lost Child" is distributed by Nueva Vista/Symphonic and is currently available on all digital platforms.

Originally from Montreal, Christopher-James was born on August 21st 2002. His passion for music has always followed him and he has been writing his own music for over 3 years now. He distinguishes himself by his melancholic melodies and his sincere lyrics. The great rappers of his generation such as Polo G, Lil Baby & Lil Tjay have allowed him to develop his own style. Christopher-James describes himself as a person who doesn't need to rely on anyone to get ahead in life.


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