After the release of Menura's first EP entitled "Le Gris, Le beige" last July and the very good feedback, notably a nomination at the GAMIQ as "Espoir 2023" as well as the rotation of the songs "Lampadaire" in several Quebec radio stations and "Dans l'espace" which also entered in medium rotation on SiriusXM (Influence Franco). Menura now offers "DIANA", a new high tempo rhythmic track where synthesizers and percussions are brought to the forefront, Menura's varied low and high pitched melodies are supported by powerful 808s and crazy ad-libs. 


In this single, Menura teams up with A$tro, a Montreal beatmaker from the group PLAYDAYS, and Hugo Denolle (Modibo, Dominique Fils-Aimé), for a catchy, haunting, boastful and romantic alternative hip-hop track. 

The extract takes us into the rapper's head, where a charming but mischievous woman haunts his thoughts. He sees her everywhere, in the streets, in bars, in his shows and in his dreams. Menura, always distracted by the chaos that surrounds him, wants to get closer to her, even though the distance is shrinking, he can't reach her.  

"Diana" is also accompanied by a clip directed by Thomas Belanger (D-Track, Seins Sucrer, Misa, etc.): 

Mixed and mastered by Hugo Denolle and Richard Addison, "Diana", distributed by Artifice/Warner Music is now available on all digital platforms. 

Lost in his thoughts, Menura wanders the streets of his post-apocalyptic city. Lost in the emptiness of life and thinking too much about the chaos of love, the chaos of life, he feels at ease. Under a streetlight, he stops, puts on his headphones and starts humming a song he wrote. The heavy bass and futuristic synths echo in his head in a hypnotic chaos.


Nicolas Boivin, also known as Menura, is a Montreal-based singer-songwriter. He is accompanied by his producer brother Alexis Boivin, a.k.a. Sleep Schedule, and French-Spanish producer Hugo Denolle. Menura delivers a unique hip-hop project with deep and complex lyrics and "new age" rhythms.

Members of Double Magnum, a Montreal-based pop group, Nicolasand Alexis teamed up over the past year with Hugo, a good friend and founder of Studio Morena, to launch an exciting and innovative sound. Inspired by Travis Scott-style auto-tune vocals and reminiscent of the melancholic tunes of French pop singers such as Joe Dassin, Menura's emotional lyrics evoke the neo-soul beatmaking of Sleep Schedule with inspirations from French and Belgian hip-hop artists such as Swing, Laylow and Zed Yun Pavarotti. Menura's first single "Blow the Candle" was released on all platforms on November 5, 2021, and the second single in French "Dans l'espace" on April 8, foreshadowing a bilingual EP entitled "Le gris, le beige" on July 8, 2022.


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