PeeZee presents a new single and video entitled "Faux Dream"

Standing at the intersection of Synthwave Ave, Easy Listening Boulevard & Nonchalant Street, Hollywood music video director & artist PeeZee launches a strike with Faux Dream.
This is his first release under his new distribution deal with Symphonic.


A year to the day after releasing his Vaporwave instrumental album Decelerate, it's on an 80s party music inspired soundscape that he nonchalantly croons about the youth's need to belong, gather & party after the events of the past 2 years. Through a series of innuendos, the songs hints at the rapid Sovietization of the West, hence the Cold War style visuals.


Lines like "Only die when you OD" refers to today's youth despair & hopelessness towards the future as it constantly seeks artificial new thrills in a forever changing world they try to make sense of.

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