This collection draws its inspiration from the analytical psychology of Carl Jung, focusing on the interaction between the conscious and unconscious mind, universal archetypes, and processes of individuation. Three main elements are emphasized: the persona, which refers to the social mask, the ego, the inner “Self”, and the unconscious, which represents the deepest aspect of the three, encompassing all psychic phenomena that escape our consciousness.


To express this complex subject visually, I have chosen significant symbols: the persona is represented by a false skin hiding the true identity, the ego is symbolized by tattoos, and the unconscious by touches of black. According to Jung, at the beginning of the formation of social relationships, the boundaries between each part are clear, but over time, they become more blurred, which is reflected in the realization of my pieces.


To represent the persona, I sought to stylize the flow of the human body, taking into account certain bodily details. The self is reflected by the following five symbols, each with personal meanings associated: balance (justice), heart (conscience), cockroach (survival and desire), chains (relationships), hexagon (solidity). For the representation of the unconscious, emphasis was placed on texture, incorporating a deconstruction effect.

Photographer  Mat Focs


Talent  Noel Heo

Makeup & Hair Wenji Wu

Fashion Designer  Hanwool Cha


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