Louise Fässler is a talented writer, philosopher, painter, model, entrepreneur and Brazilian influencer. Born in the city of Aracaju, in the state of Sergipe, the smallest state in the country, she is recognized for her self-taught and revolutionary spirit. From the age of 9, Louise’s remarkable gift for art, philosophy and religion was already evident. From this age, she began to have her first impressions and deep reflections, which she began to write seriously and continuously at the age of 14.


In the last four years, she has written six books, and now, at age 25, she publishes her first book titled "Flying High - Awaken Your Maximum Potential". Louise Fässler founded her own publishing house, For Ambitious Edition, to publish her books without third party interference or approval.


Currently, the young Louise lives in Spain, although she has already lived in Switzerland for a few years.

For the year 2024, Louise has a lot of courage and motivation to continue enchanting her more than 350k thousand followers.

Art Director  Adriano Artexcellence

Photographer  Guido Rincón

Talent  Louise Fässler

Makeup & Hair Giselle Tfenkji

Assistent  Ana Laura Ruiz

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