Inside Her Digital World 

Nikki Gal is a fashion model, businesswoman of 5 companies, as well as an advocate for the mental health community. 

Gal stepped foot in the modeling industry at just 15 years old, and has been building her professional career ever since. 


In 2018, Gal launched her digital design company, which has gained over 4,000 clients as well as reached a viral level of 8 million plus impressions worldwide. Being passionate within advocating for the mental health community, Gal started a nonprofit organization in 2021, in mission to help those find their voice within their own mental health.


Through Gal’s nonprofit, she successfully launched 160 interviews through her nonprofit’s podcast, which gained listeners in over 30 countries. In present day, Gal operates 5 companies in addition to her nonprofit organization, and lives her life as a multi-faceted woman. 

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