Christopher-James enters the rap game with "Confession", a first video

Christopher-James (CJ) makes his entry into the Montreal rap scene with a first track entitled "Confession". The song is a retrospection of the artist, it aims to highlight his goals in relation to the events of the past and what he has become today.


Composed by the artist himself, the instrumental is both rhythmic but also melancholic in terms of melodies.
In the second verse, the rapper denounces the current way of life that revolves too often around money. CJ makes a link, in a way, with his goals to say that, finally, even if they motivate him every day in his projects, lust brings him nothing concrete on a human level.

Mixed by Christopher-James, mastered by Switching Knobs Studios, the track "Confession" is distributed by Nueva Vista/Symphonic and is currently available on all digital platforms.

Originally from Montreal, Christopher-James was born on August 21, 2002. His passion for music has always followed him and he’s been writing his own musical works for more than 3 years now. He stands out for his wistful melodies and his true lyrics. Big rappers of his generation like Polo G, Lil Baby & Lil Tjay helped him develop his own style. Christopher-James describes himself as someone who doesn't need to rely on anybody to move forward in life.

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