The flamboyant Aldo Guizmo presents a new audio and video entitled "Str8"

In 2021, Aldo Guizmo presented his first EP entitled "Passion, carte de visite". Following this release and a good reception from the media, Aldo took part in numerous events and festivals over the summer. In spring 2022, the artist joined the Festival Afropolitain Nomade for a flamboyant performance in Cameroon. Since then, Aldo has continued to make a name for himself, performing at a number of shows in the metropolis.

On May 19, 2023, Aldo Guizmo presents "Str8", a new English and Creole dancehall song with a video shot by Benjamin Ndongo in Cameroon.

Composed by Harry Hunt (CERTIBEATS), the instrumental is energetic with bass lines that create a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere for listeners. Aldo Guizmospeaks of determination, of moving forward no matter what. Through positive, encouraging lyrics, the singer gets people up and dancing, motivating them to pursue their goals.


Mixed and mastered by Aurelien Base, distributed by Bohemaa Communication/Symphonic Canada, Str8 is now available on all digital platforms. From May 22 to 29, Aldo Guizmo was in Congo as part of the 8th edition of the Festival International Pointe-Noire en Scène.

Aldo Guizmo is a young Guadeloupean-born Montreal singer-songwriter with a varied musical emergence, reflecting the warmth and spiciness of the West Indies.

He flirts with different musical styles to the point of creating an original sound inspired by his long journey. The artist intends to take us on a journey through the urban and lively rhythms of the Caribbean, but we'll also be able to discover a beautiful traditional showcase with several compositions and covers that are much more rootsy and ancestral. His musical universe invites us to have fun and celebrate, as well as to reflect on his committed lyrics.

After receiving an honorable mention at the Syli d'Or 2019, in 2021 the artist released his first calling card entitled "Passion", a 4-track EP. Then, in 2022, the artist immersed himself in the Afropolitan Nomade festival, with which he performed a concert in Douala, Cameroon. In 2023, he signed a distribution deal with Bohemaa Communication/Symphonic Canada. 

This year, Aldo Guizmo will present us with a new version of his colorful business card, clearly revealing a whole new facet of his universe.

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