Mancha Clothing, display collection at SFWRUNWAY during New York Fashion Week.

Franzizka Tekno is a fashion designer born in Riobamba, Ecuador into a family of artists and fashion lovers. In her teenage years she moved to the capital, Quito, where after a few years and many trips to Europe to visit her father, she created MANCHA. 


Mancha is inspired by the underground urban styles of the 90’s and the need to find clothes that were different from the usual, more irreverent and very stylish. MANCHA launched its first collection in 2013 establishing itself as the first underground clothing brand in Ecuador.


 In 2019, looking for new trends and stylistic inputs, Franzizka moved to Miami city, where she now resides and is designing and manufacturing all the garments in her new collection, wearing a unique and daring style that mixes colors, textiles, and various sources of inspiration.


Creative Director SFW RUNWAY
Photographer Wing_group
Producer Naomi Alabi
Photographer Garykin
Photographer Chase Hartman


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