Carmina Vanessa offers "Island", a new song with Caribbean flavor

Carmina Vanessa achieved the independent release of her very first single entitled "Di fe" on all digital platforms. Then, on July 31st, she released "Island", a second audio single in which she blends English, Spanish and Creole through a Caribbean summer atmosphere. The relaxing, haunting music was composed by Nueva Vista.
The song takes us to a palm-fringed beach, ideal for barbecues and summer parties. The lyrics of the song speak of a return to the roots, to the Caribbean culture, to the element of water and to the artist's mother. It's a call to return to the basics, to the truth and to the unity of divided peoples.


Mixed and mastered by Nueva Vista, distributed by Bohemaa Communication/Symphonic Canada, Island is currently available on all digital platforms. The song has also made it onto Apple Music's Nouveau Franco playlist and is currently playing on webradio KracRadio and CIBL 101.5 FM. 

Carmina has several hosting engagements in the coming weeks, including the Harlem Of the North Block Party (50th anniversary of Hip-Hop) held on August 5, as well as the Distrix festival scheduled for September 1-3, 2023. She will also be performing at the Distrix festival in Montreal on Saturday, September 2 at 7pm.

Carmina Vanessa was born in Montreal in 1987. Her mother was a painter and fashion designer, while her father was an amateur hockey player and actor. She grew up in the city, where she also studied and worked for most of her life. From an early age, Carmina was drawn to dance, martial arts and the visual arts, but her passion soon turned to the theater.

She landed her first role in the movie "The Suspended Fortress" at the age of 12 and went on to star in several TV series such as "Fred-dy", "My Best Enemy" and "Little Big Chefs". She also posed for a photo ad for Télé-Québec.

Since losing her mother at the age of nine, Carmina has been secretly writing poetry. In 2009, she underwent intensive training in the Méthode Stanislasky theater at Studio Cent-Un and was chosen to be the official host of a series of shows called "Soul of RnB", produced by Kevin Calixte. She hosted this bi-monthly event for two years before stepping down to focus on her personal development.

In January 2016, Carmina reappeared on the Montreal arts scene as a slammer in a slam competition produced by "MadPoetix productions", where she won first prize and was invited to headline several upcoming nights. Over the years, she has honed her writing skills, but has always been drawn to the world of animation. In 2019, she successfully auditioned for the role of co-host of "La Pause Hip Hop" with DJ Crowdand Cyrano de Montréal. Since then, she has worked as an animator for the Festival Distrix and as a cultural reporter for NatyfTV. She thrives in her artistic world.

In January 2023, Carmina independently released her first single entitled "Di fe" on all platforms, and on July 31, 2023, she launched "Island" in distribution with Bohemaa Communication/Symphonic Canada, which explores Caribbean and Afrobeat rhythms. Carmina's vision is that her art will enable dialogue within the community, bringing people together and inspiring them to cultivate discernment and hope for a better life. Carmina is at the beginning of a beautiful love affair with music.



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