Aldo Guizmo presents "How much a dem"

Following the release of the 1st single "Str8" and positive feedback from Nicolas Ouellet's Nouveaux Sons show on Ici Musique (Radio-Canada) and other media, Aldo Guizmo continues his momentum with a new track entitled "How much a dem".

"How much a dem", composed by Aaron Fearon (Jemyni beatz), is a deep, introspective song. With its melancholy piano and strong bass, the instrumental plunges us into a dark universe, reflecting the reality of certain people.

The track "How much a dem" offers a striking depiction of the ruthless reality of young people living on the streets or on the edges of society. Through a touching narrative, this song raises the hard-hitting question of the bill to be paid for every action taken, and explores the complicated and generally tragic situations these young people face. All too often, their deepest stories unravel in the hands of the law, the walls of prison, or in the silence of the cemetery.

The universe of the play is imbued with a gloomy, suffocating atmosphere, where every decision seems to be an indispensable part of a complex puzzle aimed at day-to-day survival. The streets thus become a veritable theater of human drama, and the young people, desperate to escape, regularly find themselves trapped in a whirlwind of inevitable events.


Mixed by Thomas Garandeau (Tows) and mastered by Gary Guillaume Derussy (Gary Wide), distributed by Bohemaa Communication/Symphonic Canada, How much a dem is now available on all digital platforms.



A little more about Aldo Guizmo...
Aldo Guizmo is a young Guadeloupean-born Montreal singer, songwriter, and performer of varied musical genres, reflecting the warmth and spiciness of the West Indies.

He flirts with different musical styles to the point of creating an original sound inspired by his long journey. The artist intends to take us on a journey through the urban and lively rhythms of the Caribbean, but we'll also be able to discover a beautiful traditional showcase with several compositions and covers that are much more rootsy and ancestral. His musical universe invites us to have fun and celebrate, as well as to reflect on his committed lyrics.


After receiving an honorable mention at the Syli d'Or 2019, in 2021 the artist released his first calling card entitled "Passion", a 4-track EP. Then, in 2022, the artist participated in the Afropolitan Nomad festival and performed a concert in Douala, Cameroon. In 2023, he signed a distribution agreement with Bohemaa Communication/Symphonic Canada. 

This year, Aldo Guizmo will present a new, colorful version of his calling card, revealing a whole new aspect of his universe.

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