Brad Hopper

Brad is an actor, known for TryLife and Buttered Bread. His acting credits include several episode the ITV series «Vera» and he has appeared on the front cover of one of the biggest wedding magazines in the UK, «Your North East Wedding». Additionally, Brad has worked alongside Ken Loach on his film «Sorry We Missed You», which was released in 2019 to celebrated success. His biggest accolade to date has been winning Mr. Sunderland 2017 and competing in the Mr. England 2017 finals.



How did you get involved in acting?


BH: I was scouted by an agent to join their agency. Since then I have gone on to make many TV acting appearances. 


What are your weak points when it comes to acting? How do you try to improve them?


BH: I don’t believe in weak points. I believe if enough time and effort is extracted into something it can be mastered. I want to be diverse in more playing roles which I am looking to do now.


What are your strong points as an actor?


BH: I am always trying to improve myself as an individual and in particular as

an actor. I study top actors and I practice. For me the best way to do this is

to built up a picture of the character and become it. Live as of you are that

character, how would they portray themselves to the audience. For me it is all about drawing the attention of the audience. I feel I am a strong character actor. I can keep audience gripped based on the character and their personality. For me I am able to become the character which I feel people are drawn to.



What have you learned from the  directors that you have worked with throughout your career?


BH: I have worked with some brilliant directors. It has enabled me to see acting in a total different aspect. I get to see it from not only in front of the camera but behind it, which I feel is important. I like to see what the audience sees. It has also allowed me to become a stronger actor based on feedback from directors.



What’s challenging about bringing a script to life?


BH: The most challenging thing is becoming the character. I have never really found this difficult but I think in terms of the script the other actors have to also be very intricate to their characters. Learning not only lines it also knowing your cue. Knowing when to carry out an action is important

as it flows with the script. I think it would have to be someone who understands me or someone who has a very similar personality. I am intense and I portray that in every character I play.

Which scene are you working on today? Any exciting new projects?


BH: I am currently working on my own film which I have written, directed 

and acting in. We are filming the last scene for the film which will be out in the coming weeks.


What is one professional goal you have for yourself ?


BH: My aim is to act in blockbuster Hollywood films. For me it is about personal success and this comes from working with the best directors and actors. It is a love I have which I wish to express.


If someone is going to make your life into a movie, who would play you?


BH:  I’d love to play Reggie Kray. I see myself as that kind of actor. I love anything based around the 60s. I think I would make a bad ass gangsta!


Which role that you have played you like the most?


BH: My latest film. I play an undercover detective. It suits me very well. I also played a boxer who suffered from Mental health issues which I enjoyed

as it allowed me to portray the reality of everyday personal problems.


Who is your inspiration?


BH: My inspiration is my father. No one comes close to that. I like to think my style of acting is very different to anyone out there.



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